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What You Need to Know about Drowning

I address this topic every single Water Safety class for parents and every single Parent and Child Aquatics class I teach. Per the CDC, drowning still is the number one leading cause of accidental deaths in children ages 1 to 4. In the United States alone, an average of 10 people drown every single day – every day from unintentional drownings! And, that excludes boating-related drownings and murders.

It’s serious – life or death serious – and I can’t say it enough. Drowning doesn’t look like drowning. It’s silent, still, calm, and even happens when parents are looking straight at their children. Each year some parents literally watch their children die because they didn’t realize that’s what drowning looks like. Can you even imagine such a horror?! Yes, it’s that serious and that real.

Take the time to read this article today. What I love about this one over all drowning articles I’ve ever read is the author breaks down the science and explains it so clearly that you now know exactly why a person is so silent, still, and perceived as calm when they are drowning.

Don’t let this happen to someone you know. Learn all the signs and watch for them. I’ll be talking about prevention, recognition, and rescuing in the near future.

Let’s eliminate drowning as such a high accidental cause of death for so many by informing ourselves, our friends, our family, neighbors, coworkers, churches, acquaintances, strangers… Talk about it, share info, make it a real subject, and bring awareness to this tragic end-of-life occurrence. Be proactive! It saves lives.

Have a safe and fun day!


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