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We are not offering swim lessons at this time.

Follow our Facebook page for updates. Those who complete registration and payment first reserve their spots.

If you are interested in a course and it is not listed on the Services page or here as an upcoming course, please contact me.

Parent and Child Aquatics (PCA), Grow with Me Aquatics (GMA), Learn-to-Swim LTS, Adult Swim (AS)

If you want private, semi-private, or group classes, please visit the Registration page to get started after reading through these updates.

Swim Lessons

I offer all Splash Water Safety swim lessons mentioned on the Services page. Advanced scheduling is required to secure swim lessons.

Because my swim lessons are in high demand, early registration is required to secure your spot. I teach everyone from parent/child (adult with 6 month-3 years of age child) to senior citizens and all skill levels. Visit the Services page for more information about classes.

Wait List

If you really want a time and it is already booked, feel free to join the wait list. If the current reservations fall through, I’ll work down the wait lists to fill them.

Discounts Available

If you are a member of BAMOM (Birmingham Area Mothers of Multiples), save $5 per child.

Payments must be completed to reserve your spot.
Discounts cannot be combined except BAMOM.


I’ve had lots of requests for lessons and have a limited schedule due to gymnastics including summer classes and gymnastics camp and not traveling this summer, so please reserve as soon as possible if you truly want to be on the schedule with Splash Water Safety.

Water Safety Classes for Parents

Additionally, I may be offering some parent water safety classes in both comprehensive and summarized formats for you to choose from. If you’re interested, be sure to comment on my Facebook post or send me an email.

I look forward to working with many of you again this summer! And if I don’t see you, I hope you and your family have a safe and super fun summer!

Water Safety Instructor Certification

Go to WSI Waiting List if you are interested in a class and I will contact you.

Lifeguard Certification

Go to Lifeguarding Waiting List if you are interested in a class and I will contact you.

Basic Water Rescue or Water Safety Today Certification

This is a must-take course if any of the following applies to you:

  • You will be fostering children.
  • You have your own pool.
  • You take your children and/or other family members to pools or any body of water for recreational activity.

View course information and join the Basic Water Rescue Waiting List.

Print Certifications

In order to receive an email copy of your electronic certification, please visit Enter the postal code of the facility where you completed the course.