If inclement weather reaches the pool area shortly before or during your scheduled lesson, we will exit the pool and reschedule the remainder of your lesson. All weather calls are made by the instructor. If thunder and lightning are in the area, we will not resume lessons until 30 minutes from the last strike of thunder or lightening.


As an instructor of many things, I guarantee you will learn something new; however I make no claims to guarantee that a student will be accomplishing unattempted tasks at any point in the future. Everyone makes progress in my classes; it is just unknown exactly how much progress will be made, though several variables allow for near-future estimations. While wanting to maintain a fun learning environment, I also strategically plan to make each lesson as comprehensive as possible utilizing every moment to guide the student towards progress.

As a parent, care giver, family member, or close friend of the student, you can help the student progress quicker by applying my suggested tips and tricks and/or practicing outside of scheduled lessons.

Safety and Fun

I make every effort to ensure that students learn water safety, as well as enjoy themselves. It is my goal to extend safety and fun from students to families so they can engage in safer and fun practices away from lessons.

Parent Expectations

If you are not in the class yourself, I ask that parents remain out of sight for the benefit of the student(s) from behavior and focus to maximizing their learning. You are required to be present the last 5 minutes of the lesson allowing you to see progress in the water, us to chat as needed, and me to transition your child back to you in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Course Requirements

All courses requested outside of swim lessons must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.

All returned checks are subject to a $30 fee.

All incorrect contact information is subject to a $5 correction fee per occurrence. You receive your certificate via email.